2018 SEO Survey & Changes You Should Make in 2019

Moz released the 2018 local search ranking factors last month and they reveal a lot about the upcoming big changes in the world of SEO. If you are looking for accurate predictions, or just want to stay updated about current trends, we recommend reading it. 2018 was a good year for local SEO as we witnessed a major boost in the rankings of the local players instead of the corporates. This just solidifies the fact that no matter your size, if your site has what it takes, then there’s no denying that you can beat mega corporations. Keep in mind that this survey was conducted among SEO professionals. They were asked to rate the main ranking factors. Here are some of the key findings. 2018 SEO SURVEY & CHANGES YOU SHOULD MAKE IN 2019 Local SEO has changed over the past 3 years but you’ll notice that link building and link signals along with proper and corroborating on page signals are still top factors in both the Local Pack and Organic listings. As per the chart above, this combination of factors accounts for between 30% – 50%+ of the results for clients.

Some factors to pay attention to in 2019

One easy way to check for what Google thinks is important with internal links is to do a site search on Google Type in one of your keywords and see what comes up first. This will help you determine what Google thinks is most relevant for the keyword Keep in mind that your results may vary from those of your colleague or neighbor based on your search history and preferences. If your business is new, you have to ensure that you have covered all the following basics:

  • New citations
  • Website is up and running
  • Page loads quickly
  • Quality and relevant content
  • Adding schema to the site
  • You are using Google My Business posts
  • You’re responding to questions asked via Knowledge Graph listing

  • If your business has been around for a while, it will take a lot more effort. You can start by reviewing Google Analytics and checking the source of the traffic to your site and see if it is converting. Are your blogs up to date? Are you regularly uploading quality content? These are only a couple of things you should be paying attention to regarding your website. Know that GMB categories are a ranking factor and, therefore, it is often manipulated. Ho wever, GMB related spam can be reported on Google Maps or escalated to Google via their various support channels, so if you see anyone misusing it, you should report it.

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