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We live in a small world nowadays, where businesses and clients have a closer relationship and can communicate faster with each other. Web 2.0+ has changed the game. Whether it is through social media or the web, customers now have the power to interact with your business in many ways, and you too have the power to influence that “conversation” if you understand how digital marketing can add value to a product or service.

But, if you’re a busy business owner and don’t really have time to delve deeper on the subject, then don’t fret. We at SM Marketing can give you a few tips for making your business relevant and visible to your local consumers. By using these 5 link building strategies, you can help your Local SEO efforts immensely and put your business on the digital map (otherwise known as the “Search Engine Results Page”).

Use Local SEO Tools To Establish A Local Search Presence

Once you develop a local SEO strategy, like making your business’ website, putting it on local online directories and business listings, or creating profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, you know it’s time to take things to the next level. The game is still changing, and proof of this is that the new Google search algorithm update (Pigeon) now targets local search queries. So, by using local SEO tools like the new Google Places, Google Maps and Google Local, you can reach more local customers than ever before.

Now that Pigeon might be giving preference to local businesses over local brands, small business owners might have an advantage when it comes to local search engine results. Google SERPs will be listing more local small businesses to improve the quality of the user’s local search experience.

Build Online Relationships With Other Local Businesses

Promoting other businesses in your area through your website, social media profiles, or business pages can be beneficial, especially if you share content and links. You can also create hyperlinks to another local busines’s website if the content is useful and relevant to visitors of your own site.

In addition, you can create backlinks by leaving comments on other business’ blog, webpage and social media profile. But, you should still ask other business owners for permission if you don’t want them to report your comments as “spam.” Even though this might happen, there’s a big possibility that other businesses will reciprocate and return the favor by promoting your business and sharing your links on their websites and social media pages.

Get Clients To Share Your Online Content

Did you know that customers are more likely to share your content if you create blog posts or online promotions? It’s an effective way to engage your clients and establish your brand on the web. You can create a company blog that features content that’s relevant, informative and useful for the consumer. The best kind of customer is an educated one, so always look for ways to improve their understanding of your business and what it has to offer.

The other type of customer all businesses prefer is a motivated one, so it’s good that you incentivate them with a good old promotion that will awaken their interest in your products or services. Consumer-friendly promos like contests, trivias and coupons will attract potential customers and reward existing ones. Remember that you can catch more bees with honey.

Ask Customers To Review Your Business

Letting your clients or customers know that you’re interested in their feedback is the best way to show you care about them. You can also use their constructive criticism to improve your products and services. That’s why it’s a good idea to remind them to review your business in sites like Yelp, Google Local, and Angie’s List.

You can facilitate the process for them even more by putting a “Review Us” button on your business website or asking visitors to leave an online comment after receiving a service or purchasing something in your store.

Have Content Published On Local Media Platforms

Even small businesses can have great publicity. It’s just a matter of being creative. Using the local news media to promote your product or service sounds expensive, but there are ways to get them to publish stories about your business free of charge. Of course, there’s only one rule: these stories have to be newsworthy.

Catching a local news editor’s eye can be the hardest thing a writer has to do, but experienced writers know how (and where) to get published. There are many things public relations writers and journalists know that the averagel person doesn’t. First of all, you should know who to send your story to. Having the email or telephone number of one of the editors always helps. That way, you’ll make sure your story gets read in the editorial department. Second, you should write the story in “news” format. There’s nothing a news editor hates more than an article “slash” press release. That means, you should only write what’s relevant or worth noting about your business. It helps if you’re launching a new product or service, or if you’re having an “industry event” to know which will attract local journalists and news coverage. And third, make sure they publish the story online, and that it includes a link to your business’ website.

You can always pay for sponsored content or advertising space if this doesn’t work, but note that an online ad will not help much when it comes to local SEO.

In conclusion, it’s always competitive for local businesses to have a solid online presence. New local SEO updates are being produced by search engines to improve the search experience for their users, so one needs to take notice and adjust accordingly. On a positive note, with these changes to their algorithms, search engines are also giving small businesses a competitive edge over their bigger competitors.

By using local SEO tools to establish a local search presence, building online relationships with other local businesses, getting clients to share your online content, asking customers to review your business, and having content published on local media outlets, you will develop a link building strategy that will elevate your Local SEO Campaign to a whole new level.