Should Blog Comments Be Your Link Building Strategy?

If you are still using Blog Commenting as your primary source for link building post the Penguin era – Beware!

Matt Cutts released a video giving his advice in regards to using blog comments as a link building strategy.

Make sure you –

  • Do – Use your real name, instead of your business name; be sure your comments along with the links you’re including are relevant to each other.
  • Don’t – Use blog commenting as your PRIMARY link building strategy.

Our Take: If you plan to leverage this technique just be smart about it. If this is one of your main link building strategies then you’re setting yourself up for failure. As far as our strategy is concerned, we do not do blog commenting for our clients and have always advised our clients to stay away from such techniques.

Apart from blog commenting, we have come up with our own research about what should be considered a bad link or a link that should be “disavowed”.

  • Site wide footer links / multiple links from same domain
  • Blogroll links
  • Forum posting / profile links
  • Free directory links
  • Links from the same class C IPs
  • Links from spun content
  • Links to different industry websites from the same article / content
  • Links from link-farm directories / pages
  • Links from non-English sites (for example – .ru, .jp, .cn, etc.)

It is always advisable to get rid of such links either manually or by disavowing the links via Google Webmaster Tools.

However, disavowing should be done with care as there is a chance that amateurs might disavow the good links, which can cause more harm in the long run and can negatively affect your positioning. As always, if you need any help getting this done by professionals, contact us.

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