Facebook Launches Awareness Ads For Local Business

Great news advertisers! Facebook has now launched something that a local business really needs. We introduce you to the awareness ads for your local business / business page.


With local awareness ads, businesses can locate new customers with ease by displaying ads to groups of people who are in the business’s vicinity. Local awareness ads are more appreciated as they are more cost-effective compared to traditional advertising channels as newspapers, offering more focus and greater customer reach. That’s the reason ‘Facebook’ introduced a new way to enhance advertising for local businesses with ease and optimum effect — local awareness ads.

We think they’re the best channel for local businesses to reach people in the business’s vicinity, and the best way for Facebook users to discover more beneficial & useful things in their area.


Creating an ad wasn’t this simple before. To get started:,

  • Head to the Ads Create tool and select “Local Awareness”.
  • Then select the Page of the business you want to promote. (Advanced advertisers can also access this feature in the API.)
  • Next, enter your business’s address (if it’s already provided on your Page, the address automatically populates), and the range of area around which you want to target your potential customers (for instance, an area covering 1 mile around your business). The rest of the steps remains the same, as every Facebook advertiser is aware of.

When it comes to driving in-store sales, an ad’s reach is given more emphasis over the engagement it receives (such as clicks, comments or likes). So, Facebook has designed its local awareness ads to help businesses reach most people in an area.

They also maintain a relatively higher privacy level. Advertisers select locations, not specific individuals, for local awareness ads.

Local awareness ads will be introduced to advertisers in the US over the coming weeks, and globally in the coming months. Give them a shot and see what they can do for your business.

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