Anyone Can Send Emails Through Google+ With Gmail’s New Feature

From video technologies to Google glass, Google is now all set to roll out a new feature wherein Google+ will allow anyone to send you an email on Gmail. But wait a minute; don’t you think that will bring in more of spam/creepy emails? Well, there is an option on Gmail to opt out of this feature too.

How does this work? As you begin typing in the “To” section of the email, a drop down menu will appear with the Google+ contacts as well. A user can send you an email, but the real email ID won’t be visible to the sender until & unless you respond to that particular email. However, if you prefer to opt out of this feature, just head towards privacy settings, then move onto “Email via Google+” & change the default settings (Anyone on Google+) to extended circles, circles or no one.

Emails from any of your Google+ contacts will appear in the “Social tab” rather than “Primary tab” only if the tab interface is enabled in your Gmail or else you are likely to receive all the emails in one section. Looking at the positive aspect, this feature will be mainly useful to people who want to connect with their long lost friend or an unknown person, but on the other hand it might create havoc for users who are not so tech savvy. This will be particularly frustrating to the recipients.

Google+ will first enable the settings before introducing the new feature so that it doesn’t become compulsory to all the users. There are a lot of people signing up for Google+. Though many are still inactive, it’s surely a win-win for Google+ if it gets traction.

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