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On June 17, to celebrate International Small Business Day, Google announced the launch of its new website which has been built with the purpose of helping small businesses grow. The site is designed to match local businesses with Google products and services.

During the announcement, Google explained how businesses can take advantage of the three main actions the site offers:

  • Personalized Plans: Where businesses need to provide their name, answer a few questions about the business and mention its primary goal. On the basis of the given information, the business will receive a step-by-step, plan of recommendation customized as per its needs. Although the plan includes products to help businesses stand out online, reach more customers and work more efficiently, it lays more emphasis on the goal that’s most important to each business.
  • In-person workshops: The in-person workshops will assist business owners looking for personalized help. Businesses can locate free Grow with Google workshops happening near them.
  • Latest News: With the latest news, businesses can stay updated about Google’s small business-focused tools and services.

If you have a new business and you’re looking for an opportunity to grow its online presence, this website is the right platform for you.

They provide a mix of free and paid service recommendations that can help you grow your business. You can analyze which of these could be most helpful for your business and take a trial.