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Google launched the Opportunities tab in 2009 as a personal AdWords assistant, surfacing insights to help you improve your performance in AdWords. Google recently announced the new Opportunities tab where they have added several new opportunity types and made each easier to understand. Now the Opportunities tab is even better at answering the question, “What else can I do to improve my performance in AdWords?”

Google has added several new opportunity types for more ways to improve your performance.

  • Convert more customers in your best locations: If your conversion rate differs across locations, you might see opportunities to increase your location bid adjustment where your conversion rate is high, or decrease your location bid adjustments where your conversion rate is low.
  • Get more out of your existing budget: If you’re maxing out your budget, you might see opportunities to lower your bids to capture more clicks.
  • Be there more often than competitors: If your ads are being seen less frequently than other advertisers competing for the same traffic, you might see opportunities to be seen more frequently with bids to show more often than advertisers like you.
  • Show ads that are more relevant: If we spot an ad group with keywords related to lots of different themes, it’s harder for you to show a highly relevant ad, so you might see opportunities to create new ad groups from existing keywords.
  • Reach more customers on closely related searches: If you’re missing clicks on searches that are very similar to your existing keywords, you might see opportunities to broaden your keyword match types.
  • Be seen on the first page:If your ads are showing below the first page when users search on high-quality keywords, you might see opportunities to raise your bids to show ads on the first page.

A totally new design makes it easier to decide which opportunities to implement. For each opportunity, you’ll see a short summary under “What you can do” and the possible impact under “What you might get each week.” The opportunities you’ll see are tailored to your account and selected based on their possible impact to your performance.

Check the Opportunities tab often. Whether you optimize your campaign once a day or once a month, it’s constantly working in the background to spot opportunities for you to improve. And, Google will be adding even more opportunity types over time.