SM Marketing is taking SaaS to a whole new level. Our dashboard interfaces have been tops in the industry for many years. They offer detailed communication, analytics, statistics, issue resolution, lead generation, data tracking and much more. All are available direct to client or in a white label re-marketing capacity.

We now have a world class Local Business Reputation Intelligence Saas tool with more features than we can lists here. Some of which are the ability to track and score a local business’s online Visibility, Review, Mentions, Comparison to the Competition, and plan of action to resolve issues that exist. The upsell features will definitely be appreciated by your sales team.

A business or agency can fully control all Social marketing needs and Market to customers directly from our software. Brands, Franchises, and Multi Location businesses can see valuable data broken down by individual locations, groups, and global views. Agencies, Registrars, Newspapars, IYPs and Sales organizations can see 360 degree views of all their clients and use the built in tools to target clients in need of their services.

We have SaaS applications targeting the things our customers need most. Our Customer Service SaaS is for those businesses needing organized ticketing, Live IM, and lead management assistance with their growing customer bases.

Ask for a demo to see the complete opportunity with these SaaS products.


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