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Google My Business rolled out a Products Beta feature to some business listings last year. It allowed them to add products to their listing just like services. Google has a very easy-to-understand help page that explains every single detail of this feature.

You should know, however, that currently, it’s only available to a few businesses in select countries. Also, they have special instructions for different categories, so make sure you read their help page before diving deep into it.

If you are eligible to promote products, you are allowed to feature your products within a Google post, which has proven to bring in a lot of sales. But, just like the service feature, you will have to add each item one at a time. And because it’s only available to retail merchants, it’s obviously a very slow process. We’ll have to wait and see if they will allow bulk uploading in the future, but as of now, it’s just one product at a time.

We tried searching for answers as to why it’s only available to retail merchants – and a selected few–, but we only found this statement:

Important: This feature may not be available to all retail merchants. We’re working to bring it to all eligible businesses.


If you are a retail merchant and you are eligible for this feature, you can see it in the products tab in the left-hand menu. If you are eligible, the first thing you should do is to try it out right away. It is a free marketing tool and can bring in a lot of relevant traffic & ultimately boost your sales.