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Google Adds ‘Black-Owned’ Attribute to Google My Business

Sep 4, 2020 | 2020, September

On July 30th, Google launched the new ‘black-owned’ attribute on Google My Business. With this feature, relevant businesses can tag themselves as ‘black-owned.’ This attribute will be seen in the Highlights section of the business listing, just as we see ‘veteran-led’ or ‘women-led.’

Supporting Black Business Owners

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Here’s Google’s word on the newest attribute:

  • “With this attribute, our goal is to make Search and Maps more inclusive and help support Black-owned businesses when they need it most.
  • ‘Everyone who comes into this store is welcome,’ says Janet Jones, founder, and co-owner of the Detroit-based Source Booksellers. ‘For us, being Black-owned means serving the community we’re in.’
  • By adding the attribute, people using Google Search and Maps can see Source Booksellers is Black-owned, and easily extend their support by purchasing one of their products, leaving a great review and sharing their Business Profile with others looking for their next book.”

What you can do: If this newest attribute applies to you or your client’s business, start by reading Google’s full announcement. They’ve also introduced a collection of other business resources and training opportunities for black-owned establishments and entrepreneurs.