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Google November 2023 Core Update Rollout is Over

Jan 19, 2024 | 2024, January

As of November 2023, Google has successfully completed the rollout of its latest core update. This significant update, known as the November 2023 Core Update, has been closely monitored by webmasters, digital marketers, and SEO professionals around the world. Google routinely releases core updates to its search algorithm to ensure that users receive the most relevant and high-quality content in search results.

The November 2023 Core Update follows a series of updates that Google has implemented throughout the year, with the aim of refining the search experience and addressing emerging trends in user behavior. These updates often involve adjustments to the ranking factors that determine how websites are positioned in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Webmasters and SEO specialists have been anticipating the impact of this update on their website rankings. Core updates can lead to fluctuations in search rankings as Google refines its understanding of content relevance and quality. Some websites may experience improvements in visibility, while others may see a decline.

It’s important to note that the effects of a core update are not necessarily indicative of a website’s quality or compliance with Google’s guidelines. Instead, they reflect changes in how Google’s algorithm assesses and values content. Website owners are encouraged to focus on providing valuable, relevant, and authoritative content to enhance their chances of maintaining or improving their search rankings.

Previous core updates

Here’s a timeline and our coverage of recent core updates:

  • The October 2023 core update was on October 5th and ended on October 19.
  • The August 2023 core update was on August 22nd and ended on September 7.
  • The March 2023 core update was on March 15th and ended on March 28th.
  • The September 2022 broad core update was less impactful than previous core updates and finished on Sept. 26.
  • The May 2022 broad core update was a significant and fast update.
  • The November 2021 core update
  • The July 2021 core update.
  • The June 2021 core update, which was slow to roll out but a big one.